"The story of American Tradition Builders begins over 200 years ago in England, where a long line of craftsmen and builders developed.  In 1841, a master carpenter immigrated to America- my great grandfather.  This tradition of quality craftsmanship was passed down from one generation to another.  My father graduated from college at the top of his class in Industrial Arts and worked as a shop teacher.  As a child, I spent many hours with him in his shop doing cabinetwork and other fine woodworking projects.

In 1972, at age 16, I began working in the construction field full-time during the summers and part-time during the school years.  Due to my familiarity with woodworking and building, as well as a natural ability, my employer made me a foreman upon graduating high school.  Ten years later, I was made the General Manager of that same company.  In 1979, I became a licensed contractor.  I continued to work for the same company and others, while also operating my own business.  

In 1988, I began operating American Tradition Builders full time.  In 1990, we turned our focus to building, almost exclusively, high-end luxury homes in the Paradise Valley and Scottsdale areas.  There we have developed a reputation as a dependable, high-quality custom home builder.

Throughout my building career, I have strived to deliver quality products at all stages.  As our company continues to grow and progress, it is still very important to us to remain committed to the ideals of building beauty and providing service with integrity, which originated so many years ago."

- Craig E. Banner, Founder